Masters Degrees

Masters Degrees are by thesis which would normally be completed in 1 year.

To enrol for a Masters Degree a student must have completed the corresponding Level 4 subjects at this University or satisfy the Dean of the Faculty concerned that the study  they have pursued at another institution makes them a suitable candidate.

Where a student does not have suitable Level 4 subjects then, when deemed suitable they may take the Level 4 subjects agreed upon with the Dean of the Faculty, even though they may be lacking passes at Lower Levels. Passes in these Level 4 subjects would then satisfy the pre-requisite requirement enabling them to proceed with the Thesis for the Masters Degree.  (This may entitle the student to graduate with a Bachelors degree depending on the content of the studies they have completed elsewhere.)

Students wishing to pursue a Masters Degree need to liaise with the Department concerned and come to an agreement with a member of staff in that Department qualified to supervise the research project. A research topic title needs to be submitted and once that (or a negotiated alternative) is accepted the student may proceed to enrol.